There are 3 components
to our program.
1. College Classroom Learning & Workshops


The GGSLA will begin with a welcome address by Dr. Audrey Murell, Associate Dean of the College of Business Administration and Director of the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership at the University of Pittsburgh (and proud member of the WGF Board of Directors). Dr. Murrell will discuss the entrepreneurial leadership curriculum she has innovated and share her passion for developing next generation leaders. Dr. Murrell’s keynote will help participants begin their GirlGov journey and consider how they can apply what they will learn in the classroom to their roles as leaders in our communities and in the world.


Throughout their two-weeks, participants will experience classroom workshops and interactive lectures taught by University of Pittsburgh faculty, Women and Girls Foundation senior staff, and civic and movement leaders from throughout the state. Click here to read about our stellar faculty and guest speakers. Email us at for an overview of the two weeks or a sneak peek into “a day in the life” of a GGSLA participant. 

2. Internships at City/County Official Offices

For three days of the two-week GGSLA experience, participants will have the extraordinary opportunity to serve as an intern in the office of an elected official at the City or County office buildings downtown. GGSLA participants will be placed throughout the Allegheny County Chief Executive’s Office; the Mayor’s Office; City Council; Controller’s Offices; County Manager’s Office; and the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. Participants will have the opportunity to meet some of the most powerful women and men leading our local government, in elected office, and behind the scenes. During their internship, GGSLA participants will put into practice networking skills they will have learned during their classes earlier in the week. Then, they will be able to leverage those new powerful networks of influential leaders to help them achieve the goals of the social action they will lead the following week.

3. Preparing for Social Action


Throughout the two weeks, participants will work on a social action project.  Each participating teen will select an issue that they are passionate about, and then will participate in workshops and coaching to develop a plan to implement in their schools and communities.

GirlGov Summer Leadership Academy

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